Award Process


Our selection process involves an initial shortlist using extensive research into the activities of the widest range of companies including the applied and/or nominated companies.  This research will be conducted by our consultants. The resultant shortlist will then be presented to our committee of judges i.e. an array of corporate chieftains, executives in business regulatory and facilitatory organizations and some executives of business groupings. However these consultations will be done informally with selected individuals within these groupings so the results would not be construed to represent the views or selections of the groupings and associations whose executives or members will be consulted.

The applicant organization must be a company or CSR/CSI Foundation /Trust or an implementing partner for CSR/CSI Project and the project must have been supported by a company/ CSR/CSI foundation under its CSI initiative.

The applicant entity must have legal status as a company/NGO/Trust and must be registered in Ghana or have a subsidiary/alliance in Ghana.
The project must have been assigned /renewed or have been in continuation in the Financial Year 2015-17

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