Sustainability & Social Investment Awards


Sustainability & Social Investment

The SSI Award is organized and hosted by Ion Africa Business (IAB) in partnership with Ianmatsun Global Services Ltd. The SSI award is an annual event that will be organized and hosted by Ion Africa Business (IAB).


The purpose of the SSI Awards among others is to;

  1. Create awareness, encourage companies, CSI/CSR foundations, NGO’s and other implementing agencies in delivering high impact CSI/CSR projects that aligns with Government’s focus on sustainable development goals(SDG) and to also adopt multi stakeholder approach which leads to excellent outcomes.
  2. Encourage companies to embark on projects that provide innovative solutions to specific problems in the domains of Social, Economic, and Environmental challenges and also yield long-term sustainable developmental benefits.
  3. Encourage companies and corporations to infuse corporate investments and innovations in the form of approach, usage of technology and expertise towards solving developmental challenges faced by the society, individuals and communities as a whole.
  4. Identify best CSI/CSR projects/programs in key thematic areas and understand how the community is benefiting from the CSI.
  5. Highlight the success of the CSI projects and the commitment of the companies by recognizing them.
  6. Recognize and motivate the companies, CSI foundations, individuals and their implementing partners in delivering a high impact CSI that has positively impacted both business and society by taking a strategic approach to CSI through a joint / collaborative approach.
  7. Recognize the companies that are leading transformation by integrating corporate social responsibility & sustainability projects in their core business model.
  8. Recognize companies for implementing measures for conservation and sustainable management through CSI.
  9. Identify innovative approaches and employing application and technologies that have impacted individuals through CSI/CSR and have further caused an inclusive and sustainable development.
  10. Recognize business endeavors to partner with companies delivering high impact as well as enhancing the exchange of CSI best practices.



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