Why Attend


Participating in SSI Awards is one of the fastest routes to wide recognition of your CSR/CSI achievements. Finalists and winners will benefit from extensive media coverage; wide exposure in the investment community and enhanced peer recognition.


  • Provides a means of recognizing and celebrating CSI/CSR achievements
  • Motivation to Sustain CSI/CSR Performance
  • Exceptionally high regional and international recognition for exemplary CSI/CSR performance
  • Excellent competitive edge for attracting customers & clients and to enhance business prospects
  • Be seen by employees, public and regulatory bodies as a responsible organization
  • Gain recognition in the corporate and development sector as a responsible and committed organization
  • Increase your reputation and credibility at the national level
  • Showcase your organization’s innovation and commitment to delivering impacts that aligns with Government’s focus on sustainable development goals i.e water sanitation, Healthcare, Education, Livelihood empowerment, Skills development, Poverty eradication etc.
  • Celebrate winning partnerships at a prestigious awards ceremony.
  • Get media coverage and outreach for your projects/programs and their impact.
  • Increase customer acquisition and retention.
  • Increase market share and improve customer support.
  • Improve public perception and support.
  • Gain wider brand recognition.


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